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Is Oncology Rehabilitation Right for You?

Treating a cancer diagnosis with chemotherapy can have drastic physical effects. While our treatment goals are always to help restore you to your best health possible, we understand that both the diagnosis and the treatment can leave you depleted. While receiving cancer treatment, it’s normal to feel rundown, tired, and drained. Additionally, certain forms of cancer can have side effects that limit your typical functionality. For those individuals with certain cancers (gynecological, breast, prostate, testicular melanoma, head/neck and lymphoma) who are undergoing cancer treatment, there may be options to help reduce these unwanted reactions.

For many individuals, oncology rehabilitation can be a successful option to help reduce these side effects and improve your quality of life. Gwinnett Medical’s Oncology Rehabilitation services (SportsRehab) is a Center for Cancer Care partner who helps our patients achieve their desired goals. Through these rehabilitation services, our patients are able to create individualized therapy goals to improve many of the physical consequences they are experiences as a result of their treatment. For many patients, their rehabilitation goals include:

  • An increased, pain free range of motion

  • Increased independence in daily living activities

  • Improved energy, flexibility, and activity capabilities

  • Increasing vascular circulation in extremities to decrease swelling, discomfort, and infections

  • Reduce abnormal accumulation of lymph fluid in the tissue space

SportsRehab offers comprehensive, highly individualized plans to help patients have the best quality of life possible. A team of physicians, nurses, physical and speech therapists, registered dietitians and mental health professionals work together to help you work on the goals that matter the most. From strength training programs to wound care, their rehabilitation services are aimed at helping you restore your life.

Consult your oncologist about whether or not oncology rehabilitation may be a good fit for you. Remember, it is important to always consult your treating physician before starting a program that may effect your health and treatment outcome. For those who can clinically benefit from Oncology Rehabilitation services, this can be a great option to make you feel both more physically and mentally empowered.

Gwinnett SportsRehab Lawrenceville can be found at 500 Medical Center Blvd, Suite 130

and Gwinnett SportsRebab Duluth is at 3855 Pleasant Hill Rd, Suite 400

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